Mechanical And Electrical Excavation

Demolition in progress at the new SWAT facility

Bencardino Excavating works with highly skilled mechanical and electrical engineers to provide full-service utility planning, excavation and installation. Our capabilities include: mechanical, electrical duct banks, electrical piping and lines and other underground infrastructure required to prepare for commercial or industrial development.

storm sewer installation at the center for Advanced Study

Bencardino Excavating works with many mechanical and electrical contractors and plumbers to provide services such as under slab installation to mechanical pipe trench, electrical duct banks, and laying piping and electrical lines.

SEPTA 69th Street Electrical Upgrade

We have built a record of exceptional engineering efforts by providing extremely detailed mechanical and electrical engineering services on projects like the SEPTA 69th Street electrical upgrade shown below.

Bencardino contractors handled a complex tunneling and boring project for an electrical upgrade at SEPTA’s 69th Street Station

Our team of highly skilled professionals will complete all work either as the total site contractor or sub contractor delivering quality service in a timely manner.