The Louis A. Bencardino Excavating team is currently working to prepare 10,000 square yards of new pavement, that will create a brand new parking lot at the St. Joseph’s Villa retirement center, located on West Wissahickon Avenue in Flourtown, PA. The team began work at Saint Joseph’s Villa in early September. The excavating process involved clearing trees and moving 20,000 cubic yards of earth to level the ground for the new parking area. The Bencardino Excavating team also installed a new water retention basin along with 4,000 feet of storm piping to prepare the site for pavement and sidewalks. The Bencardino Excavating crew is now in the phase of laying stone to prepare for paving. The team is also working onsite with Carr & Duff Electrical Construction Company to finish the installation of a lighting system throughout the new parking lot and walkway area. Saint Joseph’s Villa is a resident care center catering to elderly and retired people in the religious community. The new parking lot is expected to be complete and open in November of this year.