Demolition and excavating work is underway to raise the existing pier at Waste Managements Morrisville, PA location. The crew is working onsite with Commerce Construction to increase the height of the sea wall 7 feet; this work will allow Waste Management to utilize the pier as a loading and unloading dock for ships.

Currently we are working along the rivers edge doing demolition on the existing pier and digging behind the seawall to prepare the site for Commerce Construction to pour concrete, install new large bollards and restore the dock.

The excavating process began last week on Wednesday, April 17th and is expected to take another 4 to 8 weeks to complete. Louis A. Bencardino explained this is a more arduous process than normal, since excavating can only be done a few hours each day around the ebb and flow of the river tides, which currently flood the area every high tide.

Commerce Construction, a marine-focused construction company out of Bridgeport, New Jersey hired Bencardino Excavating for this project. The two companies have worked together for ten years now on waterfront jobs.

Once excavation work is complete, Commerce Construction is anticipates six more months of work before the job is complete and Waste Management’s Morrisville pier is up and operational.