The Police headquarters for the 2nd, and 15th districts located at 2831 Levick Street in Northeast Philadelphia is undergoing renovations. The headquarters for both the 2nd, and 14th districts is in a two-story masonry constructed building near the intersection of Harbison Avenue, and Levick Street. Starting in September and continuing until late October the Police districts headquarters will be provided new parking lot paving, sidewalks, and ADA compliant curb ramps so that people with disabilities can safely transition from the roadway to the new curbed sidewalk.

Bencardino Excavating has started milling the old lot to make a new paved lot for the Police of the 2nd, and 15th. Bencardino Excavating Contractors working with J S Smith Construction will be installing a new paved lot, sidewalks and curbing. Some building improvements are also being made while the new paving is being provided.