Louis A. Bencardino Excavating is currently in the final phases of site work on the revitalized shopping area that will open at the corner of Castor and Cottman Avenues in Northeast, Philadelphia. Louis A. Bencardino Excavating is working with the Kasco Construction Company on this project to transform the pre-existing Lit Brother’s department store into three separate retail storefronts. Kasco Construction is a Philadelphia-area general contractor specializing in shopping areas, restaurants, warehouses and other large-scale commercial construction projects. Bencardino Excavating began work onsite at the Cottman-Castor location in August of this year. The job began with demolition of existing, unutilized retail buildings to convert the area into a fully functional parking lot for the new shopping center. The Bencardino Excavating crew installed new storm, sanitary and water systems onsite and is currently in the process of completing the paving, curbing and sidewalk for the 15,000+ square yards of new parking lot that will service the high traffic shopping center. This project is part of a greater plan by the City of Philadelphia to reinvigorate major business corridors in the Central Northeast District. The new shopping center is anticipated to open in November this year, in time for the holiday shopping season.