Black Rock Fishway

Client: Commerce Construction
Project Manager: Steve Borusiewicz / Foreman: Chris Cannon

Supply all excavation for new fish ladder.

Airport Parking Authority

Client: Carr Duff
Project Manager: Lou Bencardino / Foreman: TBA

This is a construction of new duct banks and pole bases for a new parking lot.

Upper Dublin High School

Client: HB Frazier
Project Manager: Lou Bencardin

This is a site package for new school addition which includes underground electrical and telephone.

Philadelphia Park Casino

Client: TN Ward
Project Manager: Steve Borusiewicz
Foreman: John Johnson

This is a 70 acre site with 60,000 tons of imported fill material, 9,000ft water main, 50,000 cubic yards of cut/fill underground storm/sanitary and through curbs.

Airport D/E Expansion

Client: A.T. Chadwick
Project Manager: Lou Bencardino

This site package includes excavating and backfill for all under slab, storm and sanitary.