We are thrilled to hear that the TD Bank Redevelopment and Rain Garden project in Hockessin, Delaware, was selected as one of the top 10 storm water projects in the United States by nationally recognized Storm Water Solutions magazine.

According to owner Louis A. Bencardino “We installed a special rain garden water management system that collects and stores rooftop runoff water underground. The water is then reused and re-purposed for irrigation.” Lou Bencardino said, “For this project, we worked with a Duffield Associates design.”

The TD Bank Redevelopment and Rain Garden is located in Hockessin neighboring the Hockessin Fire Hall. This is an area susceptible to sinkhole formation, within a publicly regulated Water Resource Protection Area (WRPA) and near key public drinking water supply wells.

According to Lew Larson, Project Manager for Emory Hill and Company, “It was a pleasure working with the team from Bencardino Excavating on the installation of a cutting edge storm water management system. Bencardino worked with us to plan and schedule each portion of the system to expedite the installation time and ensure that the system functioned per the design.”

Duffield Associates water resource team worked with TD Bank's designer to develop a storm water management program that utilizes diffuse recharge storm water management practices to protect critical groundwater supplies while mitigating the potential for sinkhole development at the site. On-site storm water management practices were then installed and implemented in partnership with Bencardino Excavating.

This project also won an Honors Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies in Delaware.