Welcome back Andrea! Andrea is back at it again and is now working to make our drivers safer by learning and exploring all means possible to engage them in safe driving practices. Recently Andrea participated in a webinar that discussed using Gamification to incentivize Bencardinos drivers to be more mindful and attentive as they drive to our worksites. The hour long presentation gave her new perspectives on driver safety that will go far in helping Bencardino driver maintain our exceptional safety standards. Wait whats Gamification? The complex definition of Gamification is to engage users to solve or contribute to the solutions of problems, issues, or enhance existing services. But in layman’s terms it is to provide rewards for achieving goals or beating out ones competition. How It’s Done The webinar was hosted by Telgis GPS system that runs the GPS system for our drivers. The system seeks to change driver behavior by using three different actions, scoring, ranking, and rewarding. To do this drivers are given a mobile coach, scorecard and a score board dashboard. This allows each individual driver to track their own progress and see where they stand on the leaderboard as a whole. Drivers are rewarded points based on a quantification of data that is taken as they drive. This information is piped live into the system’s data base and then assigned a score. For example, if a driver has a hard breaking incident then this incident’s value is subtracted from the mileage the driver drove safely, so the more miles a driver travels safely the higher a driver’s score will be. The host from Telgis recommended that each month the leading driver or drivers are given a reward for their safe driving practices. All in the all the webinar provide Andrea and the Bencardino Crew with a new perspective on how drivers can enjoy safe driving. Programs and services like this will help ensure our materials, machines, and workers get to our worksites safely and continue to build our reputation as a leader in safety for the excavation industry.