Bencardino goes above and beyond the call of duty. On a paving job at CVS/Commerce Bank in Bensalem, they spent a lot of time working the soil to dry it out, in order to get the paving done right. I also like that they’re organized.

Mark Warholic, Vice President of Construction, Builders, Inc.

The Latest Dirt : Summer 2008

Posted: 7/4/2008
The Latest Dirt

Client Praises for Bencardino Excavating

“Bencardino is one of the best and most professional excavating companies I have ever worked with. Bencardino stands behind their work and ensures that everything runs smoothly. It may seem too good to be true, but with both loyal, hard-working and professional employees its a complete package. I am looking forward to working with them on future projects.”

Tony DiLouis, Project Executive, T.N. Ward Company

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About Louis A. Bencardino Excavating

Bencardino Excavating is a professional excavating company committed to delivering the highest level of performance and quality to their clients. Louis A. Bencardino is a highly skilled excavating contractor who has an experienced team of project managers, foreman, construction professionals and crafts people.

Bencardino Excavating specializes in complete site work services including, construction, excavation, electrical, demolition, asphalt paving, and final finish work.

Bencardino Excavating was founded in 1988 by Lou Bencardino, and serves clients in Southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Bencardino Excavating has worked with airports, helipads, schools, banks, corporate facilities, and more, in a wide array of industries including commercial and residential development, pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology, utilities, education, and retail.

Among its clients are Bovis Lend Lease, TN Ward, Daniel J. Keating, Harkins Builders, Emory Hill and Company, AT Chadwick, Carrand Duff, Scungio Borst, Temple University, Princeton University, PennDOT, R. M. Shoemaker Holdings, Inc., Keating Building and Merck & Co.

For more information, visit www.bencardino.com or call (215) 244-6000.

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