Our next project will break ground this summer at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America located at 1331 East Wyoming Avenue in Northeast Philadelphia.

We have been hired by HSC Builders and Construction Managers to handle the parking lot expansion for the cancer treatment center including clearing trees, adding 100,000 yards of cuts and fills, pumping and filling a 10-million gallon pond and creating storm sewer connections to collect water and drainage for the new parking lot. Dave Fink will serve as project manager and John Johnson will act as site foreman for the project.

"As excavating professionals it is refreshing for us to work on projects like this that provide a service to the community," said owner Lou Bencardino. "Building and improving facilities like the Cancer Treatment Center and its parking area ultimately helps to improve peoples' access to life-saving treatments and healthcare."

For almost 30 years, Cancer Treatment Centers of America have been on the forefront of cancer treatment, providing personalized, whole-person care, while using the newest research and innovative techniques and therapies to fight cancer. In addition to its Philadelphia location, the company also has cancer hospitals in suburban Chicago, Tulsa, and Phoenix.