Last week the Bencardino Crew was out on location in nearby Bristol Township to remove a large Bristol Township owned salt shed. Our four man crew spent the week prepping the site with a dig out for a new sanitary line that will be installed after the shed is removed. On Thursday the site’s four man team went to work tearing down the shed and clearing the remnants. The tear down went smoothly as the shed was comprised primarily of wood meaning there was little sorting needed. The Crew worked methodically through Thursday to remove fallen parts of the shed. One man used a large excavator while another worked with a back hoe to help bring the shed down. After the shed was completely torn down the pile was crushed and gradually shifted over to a nearby access road to make disposal easier. Assisting the two machine workers were two foot workers that picked up tiny scraps of remnants from the shed that the machines missed. These remnants were then tossed into the pile so they could be sent away. To haul the remnants away the excavator machine dropped them in a dump truck to drive them off site. All in all the shed was torn down by noon with the site being cleared by the end of the afternoon.