The 38-acre Episcopal campus neighbors the Lower Merion portion of Saint Joseph's main campus located at 5600 City Avenue in Philadelphia. The new facility will add 52 classrooms, eight laboratories, 113 offices, 14.5 acres of playing fields, and 319 parking spaces to the university.

“We are excited to break ground on the St. Joseph’s University project this summer,” said Lou Bencardino, owner of Bencardino Excavating and project manager. “Bencardino Excavating will be responsible for upgrading the parking lot and site lighting for campus safety purposes which will ensure that the university students feel safe walking to and from class no matter the time of day.”

The project will entail extensive excavation work to install underground site lighting conduits and new concrete pole bases which will facilitate new lighting and emergency call boxes for the campus. Chuck Woelk, Jr. of Bencardino Excavating will serve as the site foreman.