To encourage a safe working environment we have just created an employee safety committee as a means to promote safety and health for all team members.

"I encourage my employees to always keep safety top of mind," said Louis Bencardino. "The purpose of the safety committee is to bring workers and management together in a cooperative effort to continually review and enhance our daily safety procedures.

" Safety representatives were chosen based on their knowledge, dedication to safety and ability to interact with others to achieve effective results. The group is comprised of the following Bencardino Excavating employees: Mark McKinley (chairman), Andrea Palma (recording secretary), Louis Biskup, Ronald Krajewski, Sr., and Charles Woelk along with outside member Denise Fields, an insurance advisor with Rue Insurance.

According to Lou Bencardino, "Within the last six months, this team has helped the company put several new employee safety procedures into place. We have been incident-free since the committee swung into action."

Bencardino Excavating employees are also encouraged to share information and ideas on ways the company can improve operations as well as voice safety concerns.