To provide our clients with the highest quality of service we have recently invested in new excavation equipment to diversify our capabilities and offer them a broader of services. The newly-acquired equipment includes a BoMag BW 190 Asphalt Roller, a three-foot walk-behind Bulldog Trench Roller, three CASE Backhoes and a Ford F550 foreman's truck. Aside from continuing the superior service in excavation, we now have the capabilities to assist with road milling and the laying of asphalt.

“As the owner of Bencardino Excavating, I feel that it is important to continually reinvest in our company and always look for opportunities to diversify our service offerings,” said Louis A. Bencardino. “This new equipment will help our workers continue to provide quick, efficient and seamless work – all while expanding the list of excavation services that we provide to our clients.

The new BoMag BW 190 Asphalt Roller has been added to the asphalt paving fleet and assists workers when working on roads and parking lots. The walk-behind Bulldog Trench Roller is used for road compaction and helps cut down on time spent on a job. The roller distributes maximum force for greater impact on the road in a single pass. Also, the company traded in three older backhoes for three new CASE Backhoes which provide assistance in breaking through tree roots, frost lines and clay. With the addition of this new equipment, Bencardino Excavating's Safety Committee will be organizing essential training courses for company employees. The committee is currently planning a hand signal communications workshop in which employees working with and on heavy machinery will learn the proper hand signals to communicate effectively with each other. These safety trainings help to ensure that all Bencardino Excavating workers remain safe while on the job site.